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Our Chesterfield chiropractors have gained the reputation of providing outstanding chiropractic service. Our Chesterfield chiropractor genuinely takes delight in fulfilling the needs of the community with superior health care using only tried-and-tested safe, natural and non-surgical therapies to assuage pain and symptoms, and support optimum health. That is why our Chesterfield chiropractors have become a family care providers in the area.

Each practice is grounded on a complete examination of pain and dysfunction. The Chesterfield chiropractors are knowledgeable, and have mastered, numberous chiropractic techniques, thereby enabling to treat all sorts of conditions. Each Chesterfield chiropractor can proudly declare an accurate diagnosis necessary for treatment.

The Chesterfield chiropractors have made it their life purpose to help others regain optimal health through chiropractic care. Every Chesterfield chiropractor believes in not only relieving pain, but, more importantly, rebuilding long-term wellness. The Chesterfield chiropractors also seek to establish a relationship of superior health and higher expectations of long-term wellness through chiropractic care. The Chesterfield chiropractor utilizes the most advanced treatment techniques, and offers counseling in nutrition and wellness as well.

Our Chesterfield chiropractor takes pride in the ability to meet each new patient's specific needs, and in exceeding their every expectation. If you want to know more about chiropractic, or book an appointment with one of the Chesterfield chiropractors, we are always ready to answer your calls. Call our Chesterfield chiropractor now and our friendly and professional staff is ready to get to work!

Welcome From Dr. Jason Strotheide
Dr. Jason Strotheide

No Twisting, Popping, or Cracking!!! Combining Experience, Technology, an Credentials is what sets Strotheide Chiropractic apart from other West St. Louis County chiropractic offices! Go to www.GoodBack.com to see what makes us different!

The Backstory and Development of Chiropractic Care: The Standard of the Training of Chiropractic Physicians
Chiropractic care goes back a long time ago. Even Chinese and Greek writings from 2700 B.C. to 1500 B.C. outlined spinal adjustment as an effective method of managing pain and caring for the lower...
Factors that Possibly Cause Upper Cervical Aches and Natural Remedies that Possibly Be Helpful
Your cervical spine, commonly referred to as your neck, is made up of seven vertebrae. Your ?neck? begins at the base of your skull. The vertical spine holds up your head, a heavy ordeal...
Identifying Subluxations in the Spine as well as Understanding Rehabilitative Remedies
Chiropractic doctors use the term "subluxation" to refer to a vertebral dislocation that often results in functional loss. The dislocation's spot allows your doctor of chiropractic to determine...

After surrering with Migraine headache all my life, Strotheide Chiropractic has been a blessing! This is the first time I can remember that I dont wake up every day in...

My name is Glenna and I have had had 5 different back surgeries that did not work! Needless to say, I was a little skeptical when my daughter recommend I go to Strotheide...

Referred to Strotheide Chiropractic by my MD... After my car accident, I went to see my medical doctor becasue I was having a lot of back pain, headaches, ringing in my...

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